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Marks (digs) on 1902 Penny


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Someone has just asked me what this 'mark' is above the arm of Britannia on the reverse of my Penny..I would call it a 'dig' but I find it intriguing as it might have something more to it??




Although it's probably too late to answer his question (less than 15 mins left on this coin) I wonder if anyone can tell me anything more about it?







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Thanks for your answers. Could this have added to the value?


I doubt. Human made mistakes like mules or varieties resulting from the engravers errors or otherwise usually are of major interest. Machine made failures - misstrikes, doubling, clashed dies, out of collar, sometimes even die rotation and struck through sometimes add value for curios, but a manufacturing defect of the flan usually is detracting from the value rather then adding to it. I woul suggest to read some of the Internet resources onmint errors.

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