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Someone listened to my $1 coin usage idea


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When the Prez $1 coins first appeared and there were quite a few topics about them I had posted supporting the usage of the coins. One of my suggestions as how these coins would be a benefit would be to have pool halls with coin operated pool tables use $1 coins instead of 4 quarters (game play = $1 in change). These places can get very busy and I pointed out it has to be easier on the people who empty the tables and fill the coin machines if 4 quarters can be turned into one coin instead. Instead of 4 coins being emptied from the change machine with each dollar now only one coin is dispensed so it's supply of coins isn't depleted as quickly. The same thing with the pool tables. It only needs to accept one coin instead of 4 so it doesn't fill up as quickly.


To my surprise I learned recently that a place I go to started doing this. This place has a change machine that dispenses $1 coins and the pool tables now accept $1 coins. Of course I was thrilled that an idea I had actually came to be, even if I really didn't have any direct influence (at least I don't think I did :ninja:, but who knows).

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