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1943 India 1/4 Rupee


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Ok, I recently received 4 world coins in a mixed lot of US coins, and since I don't need them or know much about them, I'll let my coinpeeps have a chance to add them to their collections. The third coin is an 1943 India 1/4 Rupee. The coin is in pretty good shape, perhaps VF/XF and is about the size of a dime. I believe it's silver, but I couldn't tell you the weight or fineness. The auction will end at 6:00 pm EDT next Saturday, June 20th. So just like they say of voting in Chicago, bid early and often!


Opening Bid: $0.50

Shipping: $1 to the US, international will be higher

Auction closes at 5:00 pm EDT as shown on the post time stamp in the forum on Saturday, 6/20/09. Post your bids as a response to this thread. Any questions, PM me or e-mail me at jtryka@yahoo.com




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Hmmmmmmmmmm. Not really something that fits in with my collection at this time. BUT....




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