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URGENT!!! Need help i have no one else to turn to

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In my possesion is a bag full of world coin that I have been trying to get rid of for over 2 weeks. I have tried banks, exchange places and a last resort a coin dealer and no one will take them. (The coin place wants to buy it for less that $20 since it sold and bought by weight)


The total of the the bag of world coins if converted into US Currency is $60 USD


HELP!!! it must go or its trash

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Usually you can sell legal tender euros, Japanese yen, Swiss francs, or Canadian dollars on eBay and get maybe %75-80 of the going exchange rate, less your listing, eBay, and Paypal fees. There are enough people traveling on a regular basis to places where those coins are accepted, who might be looking for a bargain. The catch is you would probably need to list the different currencies separately (I assume you have several types - you didn't say) because someone who wants euros probably doesn't want yen, etc. As you have discovered, foreign exchange outlets don't exchange coins, and dealers will just pay by weight. In addition to eBay you might try Craigslist or a local swap/exchange bulletin board. But if what you have is just a bunch of loose change brought home from trips to umpteen different countries then your best bet is to sell it to the dealer. You aren't likely to find any takers here unless you have something really hard to find or of numismatic interest.

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Wished I had known about the Euros before, I can even use them here in Ukraine. Perhaps I could be interested in them when I travel back to the USA in a couple of weeks, I will be in the USA about two weeks, because then I have to go back through Amsterdam again on my way back here to Ukraine.

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If you get no takers on the Canadian, I'll buy them at 95% of the rate quoted by yahoo on the day received as a favour for you. (5% to cover bank charges to change to USD)


Pennies and nickels would almost certainly cost more to send than they're worth, so I'm not sure if that would even work out if they make up most of the Canadian.

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