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Probably Germans layed violent hands on Victoria´s reverse!


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Don´t misunderstand the title - it´s just to attract visitors. ;)




Great Britain, Victoria (1837-1901), 1885 AD.,

Shilling (23,6 mm / 5,54 g) (originally 5,6552 g), Fineness: .925 Silver, .075 Copper,

Obv.: VICTORIA DEI GRATIA BRITANNIAR: REG: F: D: , late-style young head of Victoria left (the second head).

Rev.: changed reverse: crowned AJC (or AH?) -monogram / Kiel engraved [instead of ONE / SHILLING] / 1885 , wreath (no die number above date).

KM# 734.4 ; Skingley 3907 (1879-1887 type) .


Probably engraved at Kiel, Germany and used as a medal or gift.



Has this been a common use for Victorian (or other) silver coins :ninja:




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