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This note:




Has a nickname - La Tehuana, the Tehuana. The story goes that the girl depicted on the note was the winner of a beauty pageant in some rural community and that her notoriety with the pageant win got her selected to have her image placed on the $10 note. I believe most authorities believe there is more truth to the story than the story of the Gypsy lady on the 5 Peso note from Mexico.

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Frank, I love the 5-peso with the locomotive! Awesome notes!


I wouldn't say I was a train person inparticular but I do like train pictures on banknotes. I think it must be the quality of the engraving that appeas to me and there's no better company for this than The American Banknote Company.


Amongst others check out China Pick 117 Bank of Communications another ABNC classic in my opinion



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