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Russian Banknotes


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Hi all,


I have just started to collect Banknotes and I start to collect Russian Bank notes from 1917 and north till today ;)


Since I'm new - I wonder if there is a guide for Bank note collecting?


I'm also looking for a RUSSIAN Bank note cataloge? is there one online? Conros maybe? Please help ;):ninja:


In order to collect bank notes from Russia i need to know when they Published bank notes and with what nomination - is there a place to see that?


I'm willing to trade or buy Russian bank notes from members from this forum ;)


I know that I have lots of questions - I would be glad to get them all answered ;)


Thanks in advanced


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I'm sure there is a specific banknote book dealing with just Russian banknotes. But most banknote collectors use The Standard Catalog or World Paper Money. It comes in 3 volumes.....General Issue 1368-1960, Modern Issue 1961-to date and Specialized.


As for a website Ron Wises site is one of the best. Here is the link



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conros can't give you information about prices in the market

they are in Russian but i find them very usefull:

Denisov, in 4 volumes, more for the information rather then the prices, from 2004

V.B Zarovski from 2007 for prices.

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Try this website for some info




Don't bother e-mailing him though in my experience he never replies


Also try The Standard Catalogue Specialized there are often used copies on Amazon.


I recently bought a 2006 ex library copy that had obvious;y never been read for £6 + £3 postage so that was less than $20US. How they can post a book of that size from the USA to UK for £3 is beyond me. There are bargains to be had.


One other tip, learn a little Russian, it is not beyond anyone to do so and it will be very helpful, start with numbers and the alphabet.


There are quite a lot of Russian banknotes out there to go for and at the same time you'll learn a lost of very interesting facts and history of a great nation



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