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  1. Hi All, I'm looking for USSR Bonds and Lottery Tickets 1922-1992 (inc.1917). If any of you have pictures of these bonds and information about the bonds - Including the RARE ones I would be happy to see them. I'm working on a personal collection and I want to have the main picture with all the bonds and lottery tickets of that time. Any help would be welcome. Thanks, Eric.
  2. Hi all, I have found a coin on eBay here: http://cgi.ebay.com/RUSSIAN-50-KOPECKS-RUS...#ht_1030wt_1166 What is so special in this coin? How much should a 1922 Poltinnik costs? thanks, TQ
  3. Hi all, I have this coin: http://rouble2009.webs.com/5R2009.jpg Which mint is it from? and does it from NEW type coins? Thanks, TQ
  4. First I got married to it then I started collecting the coins from Russia - Inspired by some coins that were given to me by my wife and mother in law. I think I have made a great deal marring my wife - so why not trying the coins Short but simple. TQ
  5. Thinking of 4600 version almost 700 USD Cool, TQ
  6. Just a thought! since there were so many 10 Roubles out there and they probably want to do an upgrade - Why not going up with 25 Rubles coins. there is one going to be out in the end of 2011 - so maybe this is the beginning Regards, TQ
  7. Thanks gxseries and candidate Now all I need is to get those coins TQ
  8. Hi all, I have read that in 2011 Russia will mint a 25 CuNi coins as it says: The XXII-th Winter Olympic Games-2014 in Sochi (the year “2014”on the obverse) 41 Copper-Nickel alloy 25 Rubles within the year 10 000 000 pcs Did the Russian Federation minted a 25 roubles Copper nickel coins in the past or that is the first coin? If this is the first, do you think that Russia will go on minting 25R coins as the NEW commemorative coins (replacing the 10 Roubles Bi-Metal coins). like the 10 R that replaced the 5 Roubles that was before it and the same as that down to
  9. Hi all, I have read that there are NEW type of 2009 SPMD 1 R and 5 R coins - Is there a way to see the difference between the OLD type and the NEW? is it Visual? or do I have to weigh them in order to see the difference? (in milligrams?) Can some one help me with that please It would be great to see both coins OLD and NEW with the differences. Another Question: Is there OLD and NEW type of MMD also? Thanks TQ
  10. Lithuania - THANK you very much BTW are you collecting coins from Lithuania or just your nick is Lithuania without any connection to Lithuanian coin? I collect Lithuanian coins also and I was wondering where to find a complete list of the coins of Lithuania with info about all the coins. thanks TQ
  11. Thanks gxsereis I will have some other stuff that I will have to look also at you site. Thank you, TQ
  12. Hi all, I'm working on a site dealing CIS numismatics - and I am looking for a free web hosting that I can use to upload my site. Can any one recommend a place of which I can use Free with scripts support? Thanks in advanced, TQ
  13. Hi all, I was wondering who minted the coins of Nagorno Karabakh of 2004? They stopped using the ruble at 22nd of November 1993 - and until 2004 they were using what? Armenian currency? when did N-K printed they 2 Banknotes? Thanks in advanced, TQ
  14. Hello all, I have just started a big Site Project and I need some help gathering info and pictures of coins and banknotes. These days I'm working on Russian Mint sets including Red Data Book series of 15 coins. I'm looking for information on Russian Mint sets and Proof sets including pictures as far as I know there are: MS1 to MS40 in Mint sets and PS1 to PS16 in Proofs - if any of you that can help me with pictures and scans of the above sets I would be glad I would be glad to know if I'm right about the sets above, also if there are Errors I would be glad to know about them.
  15. Thank you very much It would be great - looking forward to get the pictures Thanks again TQ
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