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India: Mughal Dynasty, Rupee of Jahangir (AH1027; 1617 AD)


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Info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jahangir


Rupee of Jahangir (AH 1014-1037/1605-1628 AD), Ahmadabad mint, AH1027 (1617 AD), Regnal year 13, KM149.4


On Jahangir Rupees of this type, the obverse and the reverse form a distich or poetic couplet. The Ahmadabad Rupee shown here has an inayat (meaning blessing/kindness/grace) couplet.


Obverse Shahe Noor-ed din Jahangir, ibn Akbar Badshah (King Noor-ed din Jahangir, son of Emperor Akbar), Ry 13



Here is a crude illustration depicting the translation of the inscription. (Note: Persian is read from right to left; from bottom to top on the coin.)




Reverse Sikka Zad Dar Ahmadabad Az Enayate Elah (Stuck money at Ahmadabad, by the blessing of God), AH 1027 (1617 AD)



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I learned something new today. I've always wondered about how one reads those coins. Thank you.

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