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New designs for 2009

Johnny 1989

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Well here they are, have to say rather like the Kew Gardens 50p one although unsure of the Charles Darwin £2 one, not a fan of the Robert Burns one to be honest, Like the £5 Henry VIII coin as well. What do you ladies & gents think?


£5 Henry VIII




£2 Charles Darwin




£2 Robert Burns




50p Kew Gardens



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I'm also liking the Kew one, to be honest I like them all but am not too keen on the Robert Burns one, just a few words, not much of a design in my opinion.

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Henry VIII - a good design, I think, although for a coin commemorating the accession a younger Henry might have been more appropriate.


Darwin - well, a little odd but since the coins also commemorates the "Origin of Species", it's OK.


Burns - the coin is supposed to honor Burns, the writer, not one of his works. Design wise the coin is neat though; I assume this is (or comes close to) Burns's handwriting.


Kew Gardens - I would have preferred the Palm House, but the pagoda looks good too.



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Henry VIII - Yey! another coin celebrating the Monarchy... The design will go well with the backstabbing bitch from this year :ninja:


Charles - Hmm.. a wee bit dissipointed, It is just as I pictured but seems to have a lot of wasted space. Could they not have put the Beagle in there?


Rabbie - Again as I pictured it to be, though im not sure I like the staggerd layout of the "TWO POUNDS". I think "We're bought and sold for English gold" would have been a better choice of words though. ;)


Kew - Wasn't expecting much from it, so better than I expected. ;)

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