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  1. Hello everyone, haven't been on here in a while, will have to check to see if I have had anything new that I haven't added to this thread, unfortunately it's time to strike one country off the list now, Fiji dropped the Queen's portrait this year unfortunately so we're down a country, I wonder how many more may do this in the near future?
  2. Interesting coin, thanks for that info, I'll have to hunt that one down
  3. Ah, didn't know that, I haven't seen the new coins on ebay, yet I'll have to seek them out
  4. Fiji Pre-Decimal An incomplete set of pre-decimal Fiji coins, I particularly like the six pence & three pence, Fiji is one of the few places where the three pence was of the same design as the UK version Decimal Complete set of the currently circulating coins of Fiji, as can be seen the Third portrait of Elizabeth II is still used, Fiji also uses a very unique font on their coins as well, a nice little set IMO
  5. Nice, thanks for pointing that one out to me, just got hold of one As for crests on coins, yep definitely agree, they work so well, especially on bigger coins. I hope to have some more up in the next few hours
  6. I do as well, the coat of arms of any country usually works well on coins (Full Royal shield on the 1983, 1993, 1998 & 2003 £1 coins although I think it would have looked better on the 50p coin as can be seen in my avatar, Australian 50c, British Jamaica 1/2 & 1c coins, just several examples that spring to mind). Also regarding the Canadian coins, interesting that only the 1st & 2nd UK portrait were used by Canada yet the 3rd was a variation & the 4th completely unique. Gibraltar is the only crown dependency to move onto a fifth portrait, which is a hybrid of the 3rd &am
  7. Here's a couple of Isle Of Man coins to look out for of both bike types (Pedal & Motor):
  8. I do apologise AndyG, I have just seen this post, thanks for all of this information, never realised the 5p had been modified at one point from the windsurfer, do you know what the 10p was for the sports series as I have never seen an example of it anywhere. The £5 info I got from Wikipedia (although I suppose I should know better than believe anything off of that these days ). Ah so the 1998 without the Triskeles is a sort of "error" then, interesting I'll have to look out for those. As for the commemoratives, I'll have to think about those, there's absolutely loads of them to co
  9. Seychelles A small selection of Seychelles coins, included here are the latter issue 1c & 5c coins, both of which are made of aluminium. The 10c coin here is the same size & weight as the UK Threepence coin. I have a complete set on their way to me at the mo, once I receive them I'll post the pictures UPDATE: Complete set of Seychelles coins All coins here from 1 cent to 5 rupee, interestingly enough the portrait is only changed for newly added coins which in this case are the shrunken 1c & 5c coins and the new 50p shaped 5 rupees coins, which
  10. Alderney The third island of the Channel Islands that issues coins with it's name on it, however unlike Jersey & Guernsey, Alderney only issue commemorative coins. I only have one from here at the mo, however I do rather like this coin. Celebrating the Diamond Wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip this was (I believe) the first six sided coin (of the Pound Stirling at least). Personally if they were to replace the £5 note with a £5 coin, this is the shape I'd like it to be although it would need to be smaller size wise, preferably between the £1 &am
  11. Niue Island Rather unusual commemorative coin featuring Snoopy, although another island that issues commemorative coins, in 2009 a set of coins from 1c-$1 were issued, pictures of these to appear in the next few weeks UPDATE: Niue Islands first set of coins I believe that these may only be a commemorative or collectors set of coins but either way I rather like these, completely uncirculated, the designs have a nice amount of detail. I should point out that the white mark on the image of the 20c coin is actually a bit of dirt on the glass that I didn't notice a
  12. Nightingale Island Another commemorative only issue, this time Nightingale Island, the coin on the left commemorates the 60th anniversary of VE day whilst the right coin celebrates the 80th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. These coins feature a portrait not normally issued on general circulating coins.
  13. Tokelau Another "commemorative only" Territory, this time Tokelau, of whom have the Tokelau legend & year above the Queen's head rather unusually. Coins is silver plated, unfortunately that plating has slightly worn off on the Queen's cheek.
  14. Turks & Caicos Islands Turks & Caicos Islands is one of several overseas territories/commonwealth members that issues commemorative coins only as opposed to standard circulating coins. Here is a picture of two coins from these islands, the first one is a One Crown coin from 1969 the second one is a 25 Crown coin from 2000 celebrating the millennium.
  15. Nice, liking those quite a lot, I think I have one coin from the 2000 set, the top left one that says Integrity. Thanks for sharing those pics I have a few more to upload tomorrow (Fri), I'm hoping several more turn up tomorrow so can I can get some of these sections updated, I've been holding back on my Fiji coins, so far as I've been awaiting those coins from there.
  16. Thanks, I do as well, I think it was a missed opportunity when they changed the reverses in 2007 that they didn't do something similar to above, rather than keep the map again.
  17. Oh really, fascinating I did wonder why the only other Elizabeth II coin I've seen for Ceylon was another 2 cent coin, do you know why it was only the two cent coin that was changed at all? Did anything similar happen in other countries at all?
  18. Ceylon Very hard to obtain coins with QEII's portrait from Ceylon so much so that this is the only coin I own from their unfortunately, nothing else to add at the mo
  19. Cayman Islands Oddly enough the Cayman Islands only has four circulating coins for some reason, however I have seen a set (which someone bought the day before I was going to ) which also contains a 50c, $1, $2 & $5 coins so they may have issued the 50c & $1 for general circulation at one point. Other than that I don't know much else about the Cayman Islands, the coins are very hard to get hold of even for a currently circulating set.
  20. United Kingdom OK so originally I wasn't going to add the UK to this but I might as well seeing as this is a thread about coins baring QEII's portrait. EDIT: UK Pound sets now added All are here barring the Farthing (I thought I had a loose one of those), of which would be the last pre-decimal coins of the UK. Several designs carried over from George VI (namely the Farthing, Half Penny & One Penny) but the majority were re-designed. I have included the 1960 Five Shilling coin here, reason being that unlike the rest this one doesn't actually state what it's commemorating
  21. I really like that portrait, shame it hasn't been used on more coins IMO. As for the sculptor, unfortunately I don't know who did it unfortunately. I'm rather hoping that come the Diamond Jubilee year they change the portrait like they did with Victoria in one of her Jubilee years. A few more examples up in a little while & a few updated up thread.
  22. I have a couple of Gibraltar £2 coins that if you shake them they rattle, seems the centre parts haven't quite moulded together properly.
  23. Sod all so far this year (not even a 1p, 2p or 5p coin so far) and I'm still patiently waiting to find the 2009 50p & £2 commemorative coins, seems like the mint didn't release any of those at all for some strange reason (normally it's the standard ones that don't make it out of the mint in anything other than presentation packs). Having said that all I saw of 2009 was the 1p, 2p, 5p & 10p, everything else seems to have been held back, they're normally all out by March.
  24. South Africa Another incomplete set sadly, this time for South Africa, included here is the 1p, 3p, 1s & 5s coins, coins from South Africa especially with QEII's portrait are rather hard to get hold of, especially in good condition. The designs for certain coins were carried over onto the first Rand coins of 1961 which carried a portrait of Jan van Riebeeck.
  25. Rhodesia & Nyasaland EDIT: New scan now includes the Threepence coin In contrast to the previous series, the Rhodesia & Nyasaland coins are one of my favourites, sadly they are very hard to get hold of possibly because the designs are so striking & a lot of people like them. Only two coins here sadly at the mo, Two Shillings & Half Crown, I do however have a Three Pence on the way to me. Interestingly enough the Three Pence & Two Shillings seem to be the most common of the lot (on eBay at least). EDIT: Threepence coin now added, oddly enough this see
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