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This is a bit of a long shot, actually quite a big question but i want to see if i can't narrow it down bit by bit.



Right i'm thinking quite madly of doing another off the wall set to ensure my collection is a bit more diverse. I know alot of people out there collect crown size coins of the world well i want to try something a bit like that but hopefully not quite as large a scope.


Basically i want coins roughly 21mm in diameter which is roughly the size of a nickel. Although i'll accept a few mm either side of that.


I want to focus on 1780s Europe, and i want to put together a set of royal mugshots. So coins with King's in Wigs (the wig gallery), or Queen's in wigs as it may be i.e Maria Theresa.



Obviously Germany and Italy are going be problematic since they were not unified countries during this period, but i'd like to know the scope of this set. So i think i might just start gathering info on the unified countries.


I only want 1780s silver coins of 21mm with pictures of monarchs on them, which should cut things down quite a bit.



France - Louis XVI Dixieme d'ecu (12 sols)

Great Britain - George III Sixpence

Spain - Charles III and IV one reale (i presume).


I suspect Austria, Portugal and Russia (Catherine the Great) need adding. Vatican (Pius VI) although i don't suppose he had a wig.


Germany i suppose could be covered by Joseph II Holy Roman Emperor.



edited to add; Gustav III of Sweden too by the looks of it. Not sure what denomination though.

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Why the 21mm? O_O So that they can fit in such coin holders? :ninja:



Because nearly all my coins are that size, i've got a thing about coins that size range.


Anglo-Saxon pennies, German 5 reichspfennigs, 10th ecus, half sovereigns, half guineas, quarter nobles, sixpences, farthings, British pennies. Anything between the size of a US dime and a Quarter and it's just right.


Stuff smaller than a dime i ignore, and stuff bigger than a quarter it really depends on how much i like the coin. Smaller coins look better to me because there's more going on and less flat surfaces.

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Well, don't bother with Portugal, until the 18th century (with a couple exceptions) the Portuguese coins didn't have a monarch face on it, the gold started having a portrait in 1722 (and only "trade" gold for business with other countries ), bronze in 1811 (1811-1828 for the 40 reis but it was usual "alterations" to the bust, so they stopped it and the monarchs face only returned to bronze coinage in 1882) and silver in 1836.


Jose :ninja:

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Your probably right but the whole point of this is i want it to be a medium side set.


Don't forget my Anglo-Saxon is my main all consuming set at this present moment in time and they cost a pretty penny, but i'm half way through it and going well... :ninja:

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