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Need Help Identifying Coin/Token?


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I am new to the forum. Nice to meet you all!


I was metal detecting near an abandoned 18th Century Polish/Roman Catholic stone church and found this near a tree. I am not sure what the writing is or what from what orgin the coin/token comes. I do notice a celtic knot and a women looking at the north star on the back.


I took this several places and they could not identify it. Because they could not identify it, they are assuming it is a fake.


Whatever it is, I would greatly appreciate any real input!




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Thanks for the encouragement. I don't care either way, really, I just want to get to the bottom of this mystery!


Here is the other side of the coin--you can make out a woman's face and the north star.



Interesting piece, a photo of the other side would be helpful.


And just because a few people can't ID it doesn't automatically make it fake. Think positive! :ninja:

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my best guess is that it is prob keltic... but knowing next to nothing about keltic coins... that just is a shot in the dark... id still like to see the edge of the piece..


I assume you mean Celtic coins. This is by no means a Celtic coin, looks far too modern, my guess would be an early 19th Century token of some sort.

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just a guess, but my first thought was some kind of modern "aged" token, similar to the dozens of varieties issued in connection with the Lord of the Rings movies/books/theme. unable to find anything even remotely like yours, but it might be something for you to investigate further.


I'm inclined to agree with Scott that it's a modern aged token.

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