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Washington Colonial


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It appears to be Baker 4 with a large military bust, one of several variaties of the Washington & Independence series, some of which likely circulated as cents in the 1850s. The bust on Baker 4 is actually that of the Duke of Wellington. T.W.I. on the reverse is Thomas Wells Ingram, maker of Birmingham, England. E.S. is Edward Savage, painter, Philadelphia.Rulau and Fuld note that Thomas Haliday created the obverse dies, Ingram the reverse, and Edward Thomason struck them. The Wellington bust is the punch used for the Canadian token cataloged as Breton 987. Struck about 1820. There are 9 varieties of the large bust and 2 of the small bust.


(Medallic Portraits of Washington, 2nd Edition, Rulau and Fuld)

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