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PCGS changes

Mark Stilson

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A few changes from PCGS. First posted June 3 and effective July 1 no more bulk submissions except thru a dealer. Next they are going to start accepting coins to verify as "Genuine" . $100 for that service, no details grade given.


(Hope these links work right the "extra" &universeid=313 may not be needed. )

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PCGS wants to be the Cadillac of the TPG's and only grade $10000 coins.


I imagine one day they'll include a jar of Grey Poupon with every coin slabbed. :ninja:

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Grey Poopon is a lousy mustard. Try wasabi or Chinese mustard, now that is good stuff.


Grey Poupon is overrated. You want real mustard, Raye's is one of many excellent choices, especially on a grilled tuna steak.


And yes, there is an online Mustard Museum...



Suddenly I'm hungry...

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Hang on... Why don't you want some traditional English mustaaaard?!? ;)


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colman's ;)




But seriously, £50 just to authenticate a coin?!? :ninja:

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