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Born in Buenos Aires on June 3, 1770, General Manuel Belgrano is one of the founders of the Argentine Republic. Although he was not always victorious, his efforts saved the patriot cause at several crucial times. In 1812, he created the national flag of Argentina. It was raised for the first time on February 27 of that year, in an island in the Paraná River opposite the city of Rosario.



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flagmonument-vi.jpg The Monumento a la Bandera, (Monument to the Flag), was built in 1957 in the city of Rosario. The Flag Memorial and the park that surrounds it are the seat of national celebrations every Flag Day, on June 20, the anniversary of Belgrano's death. The monument is made up of three parts: the tower with Manuel Belgrano’s crypt, the Civic Patio, and the Propyleaum. The Propyleaum houses a votive flame which burns permanently in tribute to the nation's fallen.
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