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    Interested in collecting of antiques, papermoney, coca-cola(cans and bottle), minitures any kind of stuf that are collectable.

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  1. Indonesia-Batch 1992-1995 Indonesia 20,000 Rupiah 1995 VF Front: Red Bird of Paradise(Cenderawasih Merah) Back: Paradise Clove flower(Cengkeh), map of Indonesia 1992 saw a complete overhaul of all denominations of notes for the first time since 1968. In addition, a new top denomation, 20,000 rupiah note was added, with a US$ value of approximately $10 at the time. This was the first new denomination of the 'new rupiah' since the 10,000 rupiah had been issued in April 1970 (then worth about US$26). From this issue forwards, Indonesian notes have carried in small text in the note border the year of printing; the most conspicuous date on the note is still the date of authority (e.g., "Direksi 1992"). Read more
  2. Wow so many beautiful banknotes...related animals.. Tanzania Cambodia Belarus
  3. Got this from Friend Justin, France Spain 100 Pesetas 1928 Fine
  4. for more lates updates visit my blog at http://encyclobanknotes.blogspot.com
  5. best of wishes to you both guys...i surf it and really can't stop admiring the french banknotes
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