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Medal: City of Hamburg Fire 1842

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Bronze variety of German Medal, City of Hamburg on the Great Fire that destroyed a large amount of the city in 1842.


Obverse: Phoenix rising from flames

Reverse: Map of Hamburg Germany

Gaed. 2075 : G Loos Medal Mint


das durch feuer zerstoerte hamburg - den 5 bis 8 mai 1842 / Hamburg destroyed by fires - the 5th to 8th of May, 1842


wird sich glaenzender wieder erheben / will again rise even brighter?







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The city view/map is gorgeous! The Phoenix side is relatively plain but OK. And yes, the translations sounds about right. :ninja: In case anybody wonders about the arrow: That is where and in which direction the Elbe river flows ...



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I would agree the phoenix isnt very striking but the medal is more interesting, in this case, for its subject and the reverse map is very cool. This was a hard medal to photo as the obverse was far more shiny than the reverse with the map, it took me some time to get an okay photo. The medal is in great condition over all.

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