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1882 $3 Gold Piece.


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You are brave! The 1882 is the most counterfeited of all $3 dates. But this one looks completely genuine. A rare date for sure.

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This one looked ok to me... the research I did I saw that there were 2 pairs of dies. 1 regular and 1 that was the 1882 over high 2 which you can see on the reverse... it better be real! I paid enough for it hahahahaha


Very nice. Anyways Ignorance is bliss, right? lol.

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Very nice coin! :ninja:


These coins are as familiar to me as Swahili, but there are just a few things that seem a bit "off" to me. It is probably just the lighting and coin position, but my eyes were attracted to an anomaly in the photo on the headdress. The 'R' looks different. Aligning the dots on the headdress, the fifth set (north-south sets) do not line up the way they do on a normal 1882. Again, this could simply be the lighting/angle. You have the coin in hand, so you would know best. ;)


But then, looking further at the 'RT + Y' combo (I see the "LIBERTY" as being an "LI + B + E + RT + Y" combo reflecting the spacing between the letters, the "RT + Y" combo looks more like an "RTY", with the letters evenly spread. The 'R' seems to be a bit more to the west than it should be (by comparing alignment to the headdress dots set #5 from east to west). The east side of the headdress also looks like it is not straight enough on the north dot. Again, could just be the photo.


Again, i know next to nothing about the dies, but you said there were generally two die pairs for this series/date? The ear seems to also be slightly in a more southerly position than the coin I am comparing to, but again...you have it in hand, and photos can be very deceptive.


Last thing that kind of catches my eye are the 'S' on 'STATES' and 'DOLLARS'. They just seem a little thicker on the arches near the serifs. Again...photos are deceptive, coin in hand is not so much so.


Great coin though! I would've bought it at first few glances and louping. BTW, are these pieces generally weakly struck? Because some of the details on the wreath are worn on the reverse, otherwise. Especially, at the top and on the leaves at either side of the date. But, it could just be lighting ;)


Thanks for sharing this with us!!

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here is the same die pair from the bass collection Notice the dots on the headdress... the lower A in "states" and the spacing of the letters in liberty are the same.




Yes, it's very similar to the photo I am comparing with at Goldberg. Since I am comparing photos and using a web browser, accessibility type software is rather useful in measuring. Even with the link you gave, the dot pairs line up almost perfectly going east to west with pairs #1-5. But, in your photo, pair #5 from east to west is off by about 50%. like I said, it could be the photo (and usually is) and since you have coin in hand, you know best than anyone.


Out of curiosity, do you know of any written references one can obtain that gives the die diagnosis for this series? I'd like to get my hands on some more information. Thanks!

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