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Indian Head Gold Piece-like Sequin???


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So a girl walks up to me at work today and says, "I found this in the bathroom. Is it worth anything?" and gives me a little gold thing about the size and width of a sequin you might find on a teeny-bopper's purse, only with the quarter- and half-eagle Indian design on it. The more I looked at it, the more genuinely gold in color it looked, but it felt and sounded (when it hit the counter) really cheap. The last thing I noticed was that on the reverse it said "COPY". I let the girl have it in hopes she might just throw it on the ground and I could take it but she held on to it. Does anyone know what it could have been? I seriously doubt, though, that someone would bring in tiny stamped piece of gold leaf into a skating rink...

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If it had a hole in it it could be a part of an outfit.


I looked for that, I was thinking it was part of a belt or something, but no. I suppose I will forever have to live with that nagging at the back of my mind. I did lecture the little girl about the incuse design while she was up there, not that she really cared :ninja:

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