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Down, dead & disabled auction


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I've got a bunch of stuff sitting around that is either worn, bent, holed, corroded, plated, or a combination of all of them. The photo below is some of the stuff, there's a few more pieces (including three somewhat rusty notgeld from Bonn in 25 & 50 pfennig) that I didn't get into the picture. There is a Newfoundland 50¢ that you can see is a 1896 if you use your imagination that someone tapped the rims up on, there is a large counterstamped Brzilian copper coin that you can read just about all the lettering on...just not the date, there are three 2 cent pieces in various states of death, there's a 1822 large cent, a identifiable civil war token that's got to be the smoothest that I've ever seen (must have been a pocket piece) that strangely enough someone might give you some money for as there are those that collect worn stuff that's gradeable at a grading service. There are a few goofed up indian cents, and also some other stuff. I'm not going to let the high bidder take it in the shorts on this and will add stuff to the mix if the bidding gets more than I think that it's worth...as I said, the photo doesn't include some of the stuff. Oh yeah...the high bidder is also responsible for actual shipping, which will be determined when I take it to the post office to send it. I'll start the bidding at $5.00, which is what I could get for the silver in the 50¢ piece and the CWT. I'll give this until Sunday night.




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