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One more reason I like flea markets

just carl

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At a local flea market a basically coin dealer sells lots of basically junk coins for a cheap price. Mercury Dimes go for $1 each but if you buy in bulk, a little cheaper. Usually the older ones are all P mints and well worn, later dates are in decent shape but almost always P mints. I usually buy 20 or 30 from him and get them for about $0.90 each or even cheaper if he is in a good mood.

Looking through a few 1942D's lately from him I found 2 of the 42D/41's. Not the best but then those are always difficult to see. Not a bad purchase for about $0.90 each.

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Same flea market this morning. Same guy selling the Mercury Dimes for $1 each. Bought 7 and one as a 17S and one was a 24S. Others just normal Phili dates in the 30's. These were all aout VF-20 though. Someday this guy just has to wake up.


Let him stay asleep!!! keep raking in the deals. Hey, he's happy with the price, he sets it.

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