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WTB or WTT Romanian Banknotes

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I would like to purchase or trade USA $ in uncirculated for the following Romanian banknotes:


1000 Lei 1941-45 in Unc.

2000 Lei 1941-45 in Unc.

10000 Lei 1945 in Unc.

100000 Lei 1945-1947 in Unc.



2005 Issues

1 Lei in Unc.

5 Lei in Unc.

10 Lei in Unc.


Please PM if you have these available or know where I can get them.

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Shame for me! :ninja: I simply forgot to respond!

I will send tou you Dave the new polymer notes of 1, 5 and 10 lei 2005. About WWII notes, I don't have any in XF-UNC ( I collect only coins and tokens)

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Can I purchase some Romanian Polymer notes from you?


- Ness

Only actual notes (1'th of July 2005 issue), because I am not collect banknotes. PM me for details.

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