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South Africa 1970 ½c with die cracks

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When looking to this small coin (16.5 mm) with my magnifing glas to read the date, I discovered there's also three cracks on it.


There's one at 2 'o clock, between the U and I of SUID.

There's one at at about 4 'o clock, through the A of AFRIKA

There's one at 7 'o clock, through the S of SOUTH


and no, at 10 'o clock is a hair in the coin holder :ninja:


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Cool find, did you get this in change in SA?

No, I did get it there, but not in change. These are demonitized long ago already. The smallest used denomination is now 5 cent.


I got it from my friend who saved a lot of change in the past, think about a 1 litre jug...

It was in there and I picked it out because I didn't have the type yet.


I didn't know then that it was one with cracks.

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