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eBay heads-up thread


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A thread to give fellow Coinpeeps a heads up on eBay auctions.



50 Panda coins

~$100 shipping :ninja:

Rather shady, but thats eBay at times.


Hmm...exact same pictures as


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Ludicrous. EMS from China is not as expensive as some of these scammers will have you believe.


Let's see...25 x 1 ounce silver coins & 25 x 1/10th ounce gold coins. Let's make it easier, add some cushioning and just call everything an ounce. 50 coins weighing 50 ounces. That'll make up for the packaging. 50 ounces = 1417.5 grams, but let's round that up to 1500.


According to EMS' website, a 1500g package from Beijing to the US would cost 430 RMB ($55)

According to Fedex, a basic express letter from Beijing to the US would cost 401 RMB ($52)


According to them, they want 180 Australian Dollars to ship to Australia. 180 AUD= $148.00.

EMS price to Australia = 320 RMB ($42)

Fedex price to Australia = 418 RMB ($54)


I reported them using the link on the bottom of the page here:


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Sure why not San Miguel, check this link provided by akdrv: http://www.coinpeople.com/Counterfeit-Pand...ins-t14805.html


Notice how there is NO denomination on all of the sellers' coins. Obvious giveaway.

heheh...i was being sarcastic. :ninja:


this seller fits perfectly into the "china scam" stereotype.

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