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First Coin Show in a week...


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I'm going to my first coin show in a week...I'm more curious than anything (Anything being wanting to buy). Is it better to go early or mid-way-ish to get good deals? Also, is there a way to use my age to my advantage? (I'm 13). The guy at the coin store that told me about the show said dealers sometimes give free stuff to the young collectors. Any other misc. tips?

(Yes I realize someone started a thread like this earlier, and I read through it, but it was more about after the show.)

Thanks! ;)



Three-five tables, one who's shop I've been in countless times and a table or two for notes.


I got:

1942 50c Liberty Walker


1938 Merc, grade XF but much better eye appeal


A roll of "BU" 1963 cents-some odd damage, looks like a fingerprint (Pic-WARNING LARGE!) Quite a few of these had such damage! :ninja:

1979 Canadian Cent Clipped Planchet 50 cents ;) (Approx. Value?)


A pack of world junk-bin coins from the organizers-Some cool stuff in there ;)

Some supplies


T'was fun! ;)

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I would go with an open mind, and don't buy anything until you've looked around at all the tables. I remember some of my first shows, and I bought a coin I needed (or wanted) the first time I saw it, only to see a better one later at a lower price! I am not sure if the timing matters, especially on smaller shows. It seems to me, going early can be good, but often people come in and sell coins during the day, so coming early you might miss out on some new material. Going late might get you a few bargains, but it also might cause you to miss out on a lot too as not all dealers will stay to the very end. As for free stuff for a young person, it's probably likely but I can't speak from experience since I was in my 20s at my first show!


Either way, good luck, I have a show up in Michigan next Saturday so I am looking forward to a nice show too!

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Age can work both ways. Some dealers will give you extra attention, while others may ignore you. The friendly ones may give a slightly larger discount (ie. $3.50 for something priced at $5)


No free stuff unless there's something by the organizers of the show. If admission is charged, you usually get that for free.


I would recommend early or midway through. As Jtryka says, some dealers leave early.


In my area, most dealers do not make newly purchased items available for sale in the same show, so I wouldn't be concerned with "missing out" on new stuff by going later. If anything, you might be more likely to miss out on something that someone else beats you to!


Have fun and good luck!

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Congrats on your opportunity! Though I'm no longer that young (I'm still only 21... a baby compared to most at the shows), age can be used to your advantage. I've noticed dealer's appreciate new faces and new blood. If you show up with genuine enthusiasm to learn about the hobby, they'll talk your ears off and give you a great deal if you decide to purchase.


Most books and many hobbyists advise AGAINST buying anything at the first show. I disagree. In my opinion, the safest approach is to figure out what you want from the show. If you're working on collecting one of each series in the 20th C - standing liberty quarters, barber halves, mercury dimes, etc - that's an excellent place to start.


If you have a guide book or some recent but reliable coin value sheets, bring them in a backpack so you can look at values quoted vs what the dealers say. I doubt they'll be ripping you off but it keeps your change safe and shows them you know what you're doing.


So, with the guide book, make a list of spreadsheet with the coins you want to buy on there and next to them put the appx. values for certain grades. Use this as a reference when looking at that one coin you want to spend $$ on.


Umm... I started writing this post 2.5 hours ago so it's disjointed...


Possibly the most important thing in my opinion to maintain respect for the dealers, their inventory, and other collectors AND maintain self-respect. If they get rude, walk away. Let them know you're hear to do smart business but you'd like to make friends and get help along the way.


I know all of this stuff is geared towards a US show for US coins, but I guess you can extrapolate it elsewhere.



Good luck, can't wait to hear about the show!

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The shows tomorrow...I'm so exited! :ninja:


I hope you have a great time and don't forget to check for door prizes if they have them. Someone has to win and most shows limit the winners to those present at the time of the drawing.

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