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A US tax token


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I like that. Didn't know Mexico had tax tokens similar to what we used to have here in the USA. Brings back memories of when I was a kid and there were these tax tokens in plastic and metal for .001 and .005 cents.


Look closely, it is a token from the USA - more specifically: NEW Mexico :ninja:

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I've always considered these to be US coins.


They were issued with government authority and used as money. While they weren't

really intended as money but as fractional change for a cent, they were actuallt used as

money everywhere. You could buy a one cent candy for a couple of 5 mil tokens. These

were sometimes used in larger quantities as well and some (like MO) actually saw extensive

circulation. The Secret Service stopped their use for just this reason.


Interestingly uncirculated examples of most are none too common because they are made

of materials which degrade readily and have been horribly treated over the years. Well made

examples are much tougher because these were run off in the millions with little concern with



Those with an interest in them should consider joining the American Tax Token Society. Many

people collect the ration tokens with these as a part of the set.


Even the scarcest tax tokens can be found for a few cents because there is so little demand.

While they aren't especially tough the highest priced ones tend to be the Illinois county and

municipal tax tokens.


The New Mexico aluminum comes in at least three varitities and all three are slightly tougher

issues. One is especially tough in unc (may have been the first one used).

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Look closely, it is a token from the USA - more specifically: NEW Mexico :ninja:

Ooch. So they say readers are leaders. I missed that New Mexico statement. All mine are from Missouri and are like new due to being a kid back then, they all went into a jar for who knows what. I've checked at many coin shows and absolutely no market for them at all.

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