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  1. Appreciate the offers so far. Understand the local coin guy as offer $1,000. He stated his cost sheet was $1,800 but I'm not looking for that amount. ed@goodrow.us
  2. 1850-C Gold Dollar, ANACS certified at AU-50 with the following: struck thru, cleaned, scratched. ANACS # is 2982113. A brief history - I bought this coin at a consignment store, sent it off the ANACS to make sure it was authentic. Pictures are of the coin before sending off the ANACS of course - can supply pics with coin in holder if interested. The local coin coin made me an offer but to be honest - I don't like him that much and would rather sell to someone who wants the coin, not for re-sale. I'm open to reasonable offers. E-mail me at ed@goodrow.us With a purchase like this - I want you to be happy. The last one I saw sold on E-Bay is here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...A:IT&ih=006
  3. Here are the pics..before it went to ANACS I'm willing to entertain offers here - I took it to a local coin guy who offered me so at least I have a figure to start with. If anyone is really interested, e-mail me at ed@goodrow.us
  4. OK Gang......1850-C gold dollar, graded AU-50 by ANACS with scratched, cleaned and struck thru. The question is where is the best place to put this coin up for auction? I can go the E-Bay route easily enough but wonder if one of the coin services would be better - I've never dealt with any of them before and was hoping to get some good leads. Thanks; Mister Ed
  5. Last week I was in Germany on a US military base where pennies aren't used - probably due to the cost of shipping them. I was even approached by a German about copper pennies since they buy bulk US coins which are smelted in Mexico (that was his story). He stated "their buyer" was in Texas and they bought both coppers and silver in bulk. But my question to other is...what the heck do you folks do with the 50th roll of 1958-D (or other common date wheaties)? Put them on E-Bay as unsearched??? Ed
  6. Thanks for the education in RPMs....do such an obvious RPM make a difference in value or does it detract from value?
  7. Here is the close up of the obverse. I can't get the size smaller on CP even though the pic is only 100 x 1oo on my web site. So....stand back while it loads!! I can see the same doubling in ICA of America and perhaps just a bit in the U in United.
  8. Anybody what to guess what grade this will get from ANACS? I'm sending it off next week. For the newbie...what is a repunched date? When the mint re-punches the date into the die because the date (and I assume other features) of the die are wearing out? If someone can tell me how to make the images on CP display smaller - PLEASE TELL ME!!!! On my web site the pic is only 100 x 100!!!
  9. Was going through some recent purchases and found this "double date" on a 1858 Flying Eagle. Common error?
  10. Real impressive! I will stick to the scanner, now that I've realized I have to take the coin out of the holder to get a nice picture. I host the pics on my own web site at 100 x 100 but when I post them here on CP - they often go way too large. Now I scan at 9600dpi and then convert to a smaller format which doesn't hurt the quality too much. Here is a coin with some extra metal around the word IN. Ed
  11. Like yourself, I was having trouble taking great pictures like I see here on CoinPeople. I was about to buy an expensive digital camera with a marco lens when someone here said try using a scanner. I have a El Cheapo" and have been amazed with some of the pics I've been able to get. Still haven't figured out the way to get them to post correctly on CP but I'll work on that. Hope this might solve the photo problem! PS...I've seen a guy press a nickel into the edge of a penny and was asking $25 for them!! Ed
  12. I have a pic posted on my web site but when I try to post it here the pic gets SUPERSIZED. Before I post it - how do I so my apologies in advance. On my web site its only 100 x 100 but on here it goes wild to over 1000 x 1000!
  13. I've been searching the $200 or so of state quarters and found this one...what caused this? I'm learning the erros is this a "grease strike"? I'll be posting a pic of the NH quarter without a mint mark now that I have figured out how to scan coins!!
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