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Im not too sure about coins, got a copper backed 2005 quarter

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thanks for posting the pics for me. I cant find anything online like this, except for a quarter that just had copper discolorations, or one that was just dirty discolored and looked copper. this is solid... Looks like the PCGS grades error coins.


Gotta find out if its worth certifying/grading!

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It looks like $40 for a mint error. Plus cost of joining one of the pcgs clubs. Or you may be able to get a local dealer to send it in for you. But I'm assuming they would charge at least that if not more for handling fees.

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Well, local shop guy said its not worth grading like one of you said. I would like to keep it maybe and preserve it, whats the best way to preserve its current condition? Maybe I would sell it, if anyone was interested.



I found one in some change a couple of years ago "Rhode Island", It weighed 4.7 which was a good indication that It is a mint error. I decided to pay the dealers fee $80.00 and take a chance on getting it certified. Great Decision PCGS graded it as a uncirculated MS62 Reverse Clad Layer Missing, a mint error.

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