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Hi all...this is not an ad as much as a heads up. I know a few people have links to my website as I have linked to theirs.


I have been hosting my site under another domain and recently got a domain that fits my site. If you have been there, its called Cache Coins and I recently just moved my site under this domain name thus the previous address is no longer valid. If you link to me, I would ask that you go ahead and change it...it will be this address from now on so no further changes will happen.




(BTW...this also means many links I have posted my be broken, I have relinked all the portrait threads...I will relink anything in an active thread that has died...)

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thanks :ninja:...it will keep growing every week...


I am a designer by trade and started off thinking of all the cool flash extras and what not I could do with this site and in the end I decided I was going to keep it as simple as I possibly could.


The only thing I might do is break the world section down by country as I get more coins up so you dont have to wait so long for thumbnails on lower connections when you pull up a section.


Thanks for the link akdrv

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BTW I put a link to this forum at the very top of my world coin, modern and historical links section on the numismatics page (where I put my links). As far as I am concerned this is a great place to send new collectors (or any collector looking for a community) to. thanks again.

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