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GOETZ: 1916 Silver Birth Medal

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K336, GERTRAUD MARGARETE GOETZ, 1916, Cast Silver, 60mm, 60.0g., incuse edge-punch “KGoeTz” at 7 o’clock, Gussfrisch, RRR in silver.


Commemorative birth medal for the oldest daughter of the artist, Gertraud Margarete Goetz born April 22, 1916.


Obverse: Newborn being bathed in a German helmet filled with heated water from diesel torches below. Perimeter displays the 12 astrological signs while other astrological signs significant to her birth time and place are placed around the bathing baby.


Reverse: Inscription within pearled border reads; "In the year 1916 during World War I on April 22 the Saturday

after Good Friday at 7:30 p.m. was born Gertraud Margarete Goetz and was christened at St.Joseph church accompanied by the wishes for God s blessing, M.G.-K.G. Inscription in periphery "Above all my child be faithful and true." The Lamb of God rests bottom center over the Munich city shield with robed Munich child.




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Nice medal. Quite a collection you've got there.



Thanks Art....yes, the collection continues to grow but more slowly now that I am into acquiring the more difficult pieces. It's probably a good time to do more research due to this fact. I am also in development of my new web site which I hope I can debut near June 1.

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