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What do you think of my banknotes? :)


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great start! wish i could help with giving your saudi note a date. it could probably be given a more accurate date range by looking up the signatures...but i don't have any references with me at the moment.


for a date range on the japanese note, look closely at the serial numbers.


Date of first issue for black serial number: Nov. 1, 1984

Date of first issue for blue serial number: Nov. 1, 1990

Date of first issue for brown serial number: Dec. 1, 1993

Date of first issue for dark green serial number: Apr. 3, 2000

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:ninja: The link is below my Member No. on the left.



A good start in your banknote collection. Keep it up.


The Japanese 1000 Yen that you have in your collection is a non-dated note. It is from 1984 to 1993.




I have a piece in my collection too.





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Oh, I just noticed the serial # in yours...very impressive. ;)


That's all 5s including the both front and back prefix E which is the 5th position in the 26 alphabet. This type of banknote serial number is known as super solid numbers banknote. More of them in my website under the banknote section. You can click on my cartoon stone age man signature. :ninja:

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Nice collection !!! :ninja:

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