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  1. Yes I noticed one of the bidders only has a couple of feedback, so I'm guessing they don't realize the bills aren't worth as much as they are bidding!
  2. Thanks for the reply. Hopefully the winner will be happy. You can see some of these notes in much greater detail if you click on my banknotebanks link. Only that I did mess with the lighting to make the notes look as good as possible... I didn't mess with the picture in the eBay auction though.
  3. I put my old US bank notes for auction here: http://cgi.ebay.com/Lot-of-old-US-paper-mo...11.c0.m14.l1318 I started the auction at $20 opening bid, thinking it would go no higher than $25 or $30 max. I'm starting to feel guilty about how high the auction has went. I don't know a whole lot about the values of these notes except that I thought they weren't worth much over face value. Also the way I took the picture, a lot of the details of the condition of the bills don't show up such as folds & wrinkles etc. I just put "circulated" as the condition of them. Did I screw up?
  4. New bills are always exciting. This one seems like a real doosy...
  5. I got a couple of the mid 90's design $5 bills recently. Both very faded... Found a 1964 penny on the ground yesterday. And at the bank yesterday, I got 4 1985 $20 bills. 2 of them were in great condition and were even from the same bank and started with the same first 3 serial #'s...I just thought it was weird getting 4 of these old 20's at the same time...I hadn't seen one in the wild in quite some time.
  6. Oh, I just noticed the serial # in yours...very impressive.
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys. I must say that I did doctor up the scans a little bit with the brightness settings to bring out the details in the notes for more visual impact!
  8. The link is below my Member No. on the left.
  9. Ok...Must be an O then. I edited the auction. And I'm glad ya like my video game auctions. It took me awhile to list them all...I like my auctions to look good. Good luck if you bid on one of 'em!
  10. I'm selling this on eBay and I thought it was an S, but I had an eBay member who's been collecting Barbers for 20 years tell me it's an O. Any opinions would be appreciated. http://cgi.ebay.com/1908-S-Barber-Quarter-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  11. Incredibly nice. How much did ya snag 'em for?
  12. I just stapled mine into flips a few days ago.
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