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Popular Coin Idol: Super Bowl Edition


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Post in this thread images or links to images of coins you own that are related to the Super Bowl in the following ways:


Chicago Bears - any coin featuring Chicago, bears, Illinois, or something/some event/some person related to Illinois or bears. For instance, the Columbian Exposition took place in Chicago so those commemoratives count.


Indianapolis Colts - any coin featuring Indianapolis, colts, horses, Indiana, or something/some event/some person related to Indiana or colts. For instance, the Indiana State Quarter or Wyoming (features a horse) would count.



Have all entries in by Sunday at 11pm EST and I will post rounds each day leading up to the Super Bowl. Let's see if the winning coin matches the winning team. (Go Bears!)


The winner will be allowed bragging rights and will get one free ticket to watch the game on the nearest television.


P.S. Admins, is it okay if I use the PCI forum for this?

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