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Peter the Great kopeck - brockage


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Very interesting ccg. By any chance, I'm assuming that you have a scanner, can you increase the resolution of the picture or that's the best you can do with your scanner? Seems like it's double struck or some sort.


While it might seem common, it's not "extremely" common on the other hand. These coins were struck by medicial methods by putting a silver wire through two dies and clashing, which unusual things do happen.

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Sure, why not?


My scanner's down right now, will try to get a better pic.



Hand held upper die and hammer were used to strike this kind. "Brockage" would be if previous coin was stuck to upper or lower die and it went unnoticed by a worker.


Also how it could be that "two incuse letters from a brockage are visible" and on the same side there are normally struck letters. So was this side struck with a die or with another coin?



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