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  1. Please do not get me wrong - I respect Jim Elmen's professional opinion but looking at Brekke it seems like someone may be making an honest mistake. Well, anyway, this is just my opinion, an opinion of an old man...
  2. Hello everyone ! Happy New year ! I may be wrong and my old eyes may not be as clear as years ago but this 5 kopeks do not exactly match known pieces. Are you sure it is genuine ? As always, yours
  3. Dear Friends, I would highly recommend amazing auction http://www.bonhams.com/usa/auction/18404/ Russian Imperial Gold including very rare pieces. Will be held in New York City on December 8th. Just check the catalog. Sincerely yours.
  4. Great ! Maybe he/she can explain what exactly you were trying to achieve asking me topic-unrelated questions.
  5. Do not get it. Could you put it in plain English ?
  6. Absolutely ! Probably, the only thing we can agree upon so far - the owner's right to decide .
  7. Would not do it. Extra publicity is not a good idea in our business.
  8. Sorry,one-kuna, but I am having problems trying to follow your logic. My posting simply said: "Nice EBAY bargain", that's it. No condition discussed, no price suggested, no "chicken type" (what does chicken have to do with it ???) , just noted a bargain. Period. Your twisted logic leads to nowhere. Sorry, if I hurt your feelings. Please try to critically re-read your postings. Extremely best regards,
  9. Steve, thank you for the complete picture. I even think that 1804 is a little better than 1803 for this type but, again, I might be wrong. Cheers,
  10. Hmmm...Have I mentioned the word CONDITION in my previous postings ?? I was talking about the scarcity of the type. Sorry, you've missed that.
  11. Well, you contradict yourself. Even based on your short listing for this type for over last 5 (!!) years of world auctions, it is a scarce coin in ANY condition. Moneti & Medali 26 - went for USD240+fees in 2004 !!!! Moneti & Medali 49 - went for RUR11000+fees in 2008 which is USD425 Exceptional example at G&M 183 went for 5500euros+fees
  12. Well, this was a REGULAR coin type. The one on EBAY is the RARE type. Please take another look at the eagle's side.
  13. Often? I am not that sure. I might be wrong, however. Can you please list a couple of recent offerings for this type and year ? Very best regards,
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