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Is this a genuine coin?


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A korean 1892 5 yang coin, very very very scarce, if it is a real one. You can often see a lot of those copy coins, because they are just too scarce.


I haven't actually a real one so I don't know if this is a genuine one. Some seller was offering to sell it to me really cheap, so I really don't know if it is a desperate sell or a genuine one ;) Well appearently, he's honest enough to say that it has been mounted...






Well I just thought that it looked way too real to be a fake coin, so I don't know...


What is the reasonable thing to pay for this if this is a real one? The seller is claiming that Krause is having it around 1000US+ but another catalogue that I have went insane and put a value of 3,000US+ in VF, assuming that it is, but I don't know how much the mount would degrade the coin. At least, you can see that some damage is done on the reverse... so... what do you think? :ninja:

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gx, maybe I can save you a few $$. The SAME person sold this one last week, for $350. I'm quite sure they are the same coin. Damage from mounts and that ding at 2 o'clock give it away. He may have purposely photo'd the coin upside-down to throw people off.



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I've just recently gotten into the Japanese Protectorate of Korea arena, and I haven't really built up much of a library on that area - actually I can't find much in English. :ninja:


Have you made the preliminary go-no go test of verifying it's weight and diameter? They should be 26.95g and ~38mm.


The latest Krause value for KM#11114 in VF is $1,250 and between the flattening of the details in the dragon, the mounting damage, and the obvious cleaning, I can't see paying full VF for this one, even if it is real.


For some reason Jacobs doesn't even list the 5 Yang, but as #18-6 in the 2005 JNDA catalog, its valued at ¥100,000 (~US$900) and up.


Personally, I think I would use the 20-foot pole I reserve for things I won't touch with a 10-footer.

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I actually got this coin in my hands right now from the seller...




I don't know how to describe the details. Of course there are some VF details but some are ruined here and there, so I guess it's going to be a F+ grade or so. Nevertheless, the original fields seemed to have originated from a proof / proof-like condition... so it is pretty interesting... only if I could get my scanner working... I would have posted a XXL image... :ninja:

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Here is another link of such coin... I don't know if this is a fake one, but it seems pretty real... except that I still don't have high quality scans of a genuine one... assuming if mine happened to be a fake :ninja:




I could be off base here and if someone has a more informed opinion (which would be most people I'm sure) please share. Personally I wouldn’t even bother with looking at a coin more than a glance if the seller has chosen to not show their feedback, nor use it to judge the authenticity of another coin, doubly so when they are sellers from China/Hong Kong. I'm aware some claim privacy but if the seller wants privacy they can take the coin to a traditional auction house.

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