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Memorial OC set nearly complete

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With the aquisition of these last nite, I need 4 more dates:



I am envious! Been trying to complete my set (P) for about 3 years now - still need


1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1969 2004 2005


and I am "generous" with degree of off-center and mm.


How did you find a 69! (or did you)?

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Curious you ask about a '69, your member#. My dad, now in his 70's, had a few from some Chinese guy who owned a shop in San Diego.


Hadn't notice my member number angle :ninja: , but as far as I can tell, the 1969 off center is very hard to come by - don't know why that is. I recall there being one on e-bay and it was bid up big-time - I recall it going for a few hundred bucks. I may end up giving up on the P mint and just get the dates I need, regardless of mm. I have seen several 69-d pieces around for usual prices. Which one's are you still looking for?

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