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  1. San Francisco, beginning of August, 1909...
  2. I have a 1554 waiting --- need a 1555!!!
  3. Hello fellow New Yorker...

  4. Self-taught --- I received nothing but criticism at 8 years old for "spending money to buy money"...
  5. Like everyone else said -- the Silver Jeffs wore brutally and often unevenly...
  6. Bertie Higgins would be proud -- received in change three gorgeous 2010 shield cents from Burger King in Key Largo, FLA.
  7. tommyd

    1909 s vdb

    Welcome FatCoin -- how about posting a pic?
  8. I was fortunate enough to get a 1996 Olympic $5 gold reverse die from the mint -- I think I paid $49.50 for it -- since it's not a circulation coin it is NOT ground down but defaced with an X through it -- I posted a pic of it some years ago -- The Numismatist ran an extensive article about those who actually collect them -- I think mine is one of 78 for that particular die. The Lincoln Cent die I have is totally ground down -- not a real exciting thing...
  9. Wow! And welcome... 1556 is next!!
  10. Are we done?? I have several more down the road -- 1559 anyone????
  11. Hi Bill -- are you sure that the 1875H CDN 5 Cent is not the large date?
  12. Great coins -- great info! Thanks!
  13. Received a very nice card with a really cool cent variety in it from daggit -- thanks S!
  14. My oldest is 1504 -- we still have a long way to go!
  15. Great! So on to 1590 -- anyone??
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