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  1. Silver denarius of Sabina, wife of Hadrian -- 117-138 AD
  2. 1592 -- King Sigismund III Vasa Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Riga Mint
  3. Don't fret the hole -- so many coins from that area during that time were holed for wearing/spending utilizing a string -- whatever happened to 'pockets'...
  4. We're baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Had to import it from Germany... 1607
  5. Bump -- still looking for 1607!
  6. Pictures are tough to grade, but I think the Dutchman is right on track.
  7. Is it something a coin collector would want?
  8. Yes -- buy their $13 'refill' -- try to buy coins between 'bid' and 'ask' but preferably closer to 'bid'.
  9. Wow -- can anyone say "China"? Coins look VF20, F15 & XF45
  10. 1607 is such a significant year in history! Are we done in by it?..........
  11. Is it the 'flash' of a proof?
  12. Is it luster? (I wanted to say 'black mint dirt' but nah...)
  13. Is it a tangible object?
  14. Not something simple like the Red Book or Numismatic News?
  15. Thanks! -- I guess the FOX is up next!
  16. Is it a 1886 seated liberty quarter? BINGO!!!!!!!! 1886 Quarter, Business strike, ChAU, mintage 5000
  17. Give up so soon?????????????
  18. 2 1/2 by 1 1/4 they are able to fit you're dining room table...
  19. Is it an 1891 Liberty Seated Quarter? NO!!
  20. Don't be RED-faced take your time think like Tommyd that's the bottom line..........
  21. Was it minted before 1875? NO!
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