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  1. Those are fabulous -- especially the 1814...
  2. I know it was a bit premature but...
  3. They should never have been started, but that being said, they must now be minted to completion -- a million half-filled albums will surely not help encourage the future generation of collectors in this country...
  4. tommyd

    English coins

    Sounds like a nice find regardless -- send those pics!
  5. Great! We're really getting close to the end -- I'm good for the 1504..
  6. Really great stuff! And all I got was this little silver penny... England, King Cnut, Quatrefoil type, 1017-1023, Spink 1157 -- AU
  7. Great pieces -- can't stop here! 1535?
  8. Great coins! 1540 anyone???
  9. C'mon gang, help me out! The Hungarians are getting tired of me!! 1543????
  10. Hey Jess, put some baby pics in your gallery!

  11. 1551: Received these from Hungary -- no kidding....
  12. 1552?? I can't believe we've been stuck here this long.....
  13. 1552 anyone? We can't be beaten yet!
  14. The coin I purchased from you was all you said and more! I recommend you to all my fellow CoinPeeps! -- TOM
  15. No 1555 in a month??? AHHHHHHHHHHH
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