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  1. The 'G's' look fine -- nice coin...
  2. Are we putting this thread to bed after 8 years??
  3. 1860 -- type of 1859, pointed bust + broken 'R' in AMERICA -- called 'type-1'
  4. Why do you think it's not genuine? I have a complete collection of Canadian large cents and it sure looks OK to me...nice high-grade, anywhere from AU-UNC...
  5. It's a lustrous blue tone and quite unusually even -- that's the plus side.........the downside, I HATE TONED COINS!!! SHOULD I DIP IT? SHOULD I DIP IT? SHOULD I DIP IT?
  6. Beware the 'green-eyed monster'......lol...Art, thanks, but I think I mentioned long ago that cents are my favorite venue in coins.......
  7. Reverse -- I've rarely encountered such a well-struck, virtually flawless IHC -- the diamonds are absolutely full, the ribbon is amazing and the field has no imperfections -- this reverse is similarly flawless
  8. You're right Jeff, it may be (and is) really only worth a quarter, but I'll bet there's a story that goes with that punch!
  9. 1499 : Double Patard of the Duchy of Brabant (Holland)
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