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  1. I got a screenshot, of the g enlarged,, cant believe it took so long, if this g is normal and suposto look like that, well then I am a bit silly!, thanks for the info on this as its bugging me as it don't look normal! sallyannie
  2. hi tommyd, I thought that till I used a photo enlarging programme, and its got a square and a longer bit like a square with a chimney on top of the underside of the g, I tried to take a screenshot of it on windows enlarges pressing prtsc+windows but it wont screenshot, to show the enlarged picky of the shape on the g,, any other way to screenshot windows?
  3. I did it after cropping it,, gowed my first post made me look a bit dumb,,, sorry
  4. NO..... im not gona ask is it brass! in close inspection of my coin the is a realy cool error on the G in regina,, cool shape it is too!,, anyone seen this before and what caused it I wonder? also whats with the 9at the front on these coins? what would mine be in the 9, I think its a normal not over punched one, if that makes sence.... I don't usualy as my spelling is worse than a childs, thanks and tried to put both pikkys put up so u can see that G but the one with the g in its too big apparently,, any idea how to shrink its size? sallyannie x
  5. hi, just registerd for this forum, been collecting coins for years, but never used a forum, as my little girl is also intrested thought it be nice to ask my questions and my daughters questions about my coins.
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