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  1. WOWWW....I think things may get difficult now....
  2. Funny you should mention the Bay of E -- I bought this coin as a GOOD, realizing that some people just don't do their homework!
  3. This coin is likely XF-AU -- the "wear" is actually on the dies and not the coin itself -- note the difference in the Lincoln's head from this piece and an AG or G other coin. These 1922 cents were the result of a focus by the powers that were in Philadelphia to bang out the new Peace Dollar -- the Denver Mint was left with an order to still produce another half-million cents -- but no new cent dies would be forthcoming! In effect, 'make due with what you have'! The old dies were polished, over-polished, cracking, disintegrating -- the wheat stalks were 'mushing' into the rims, and in some
  4. 33 views and only one guess -- it might mean that everyone agrees with you Art -- and everyone would be wrong! To an advanced numismatist, this coin speaks volumes and would be considered an absolute treasure!...
  5. It appears to be at the top of the lower pic, upside down...
  6. Looks like it's time for Ben'z 1500!
  7. 1501 : Brandenburg, Prussia - Frankfurt Mint
  8. Probably is, but the info from their website always matches what I Google each time I do business with them..
  9. I actually got that particular coin from a very respectable German coin company, directly from Germany complete with an invoice written in German!
  10. It's a 1503 Schilling from Cologne, Germany -- I'm having a bad time suddenly with Tinypic....suddenly two 1503's..lol
  11. http://i62.tinypic.com/rs64n8.jpg
  12. Looks like a lot of old pocket junk, but I'd still luv to look for the 21 & 21-D's.....
  13. Still waiting on that 1503 !!!!!!!!
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