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  1. Up for grabs is a Canada $2.00 Replacement note from 1954, Value $12.00. CONTEST RULES Must have at least 20 posts to enter. First correct answer wins. CONTEST I was born during the years MCMXIV and MCMXX. Danish west Indies is sold to the USA for $25 million. The first International womans day is obversed in Russia. Dizzy Gillespie is born. A labor dispute ignites riots in St Louis, Illinois killing 250. Sir William Thomas White intriduces the first income tax in Canada. HOW OLD AM I........ GOOD LUCK
  2. Purchased a small collection from Blackhawk. Coins arrived with no problem, it was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again Bill.
  3. Test money or test notes are used mainly for use with currency handling equipment such as automatic teller machines for testing. Test money looks the same as regular currency such as size, paper thickness, colouring, printing characteristics, and demonination, but has some form of non removable device to tell it apart. Test notes is a niche market and therefore not greatly collected.....
  4. A very nice selection. The only Southern Rhodesia coin I have is in my For Trade section of this forum. Sure wouldnt mind some of these though. Thank you for letting me see them..
  5. A very nice selection, thank you for sharing. I really liked the Lithuania 500 Talonu note, I wonder what happened to the bank notes from Canada and USA, did I miss them. _________________________________________________________ Always remember you are unique, Just like everyone else.
  6. Every once in awhile I will post my traders, let me know if there is anything of interest to you and maybe we can work out something. Portland Traction Token. 1924 Honolulu Transit Token. St. Paul Street Car Token. Bellingham Transit Token. 1944 Tacoma Railway Token. 1946 Chambly Transit Token. Toronto Transit Commission Token. 1954 Toronto Transit Token. Ontario Dept of Highways Token. Pics are available if you send me your E Mail......
  7. Now thats interesting, I had no idea Denmark had a different grading system. For those of us who are uninformed about such matters, KurtS could you be so kind as to explain the Danish method of grading. it might help me put a value on my Danish coins.....
  8. Every once in a while I will post my list of traders, let me know if there is anything of interest to you and maybe we can work out a deal. France 1920 5 cent. France 1937 2 franc. New Zealand 1944 sixpence. New Zealand 1947 sixpence. Southern Rhodesia 1937 one penny. Iceland 1925 1 krona. Fiji 1942 1 penny. Hong Kong 1951 fifty cents. San Marino 1935 5 centisimi. Hungary 1950 2 forint. Cuba 1962 5 centavos. Pics are available if you send me your E mail address.
  9. I collect mercs, there not bad its a pity the US does not make coins of his long lost cousin Hermes messenger of the gods.
  10. I agree with you Art, that was very kind, I was one of the lucky ones to get a coin and it made me feel special kind of all tingly inside, something like this deserves a great round of applause it would be nice to see this sort of thing more often here on this forum so that everyone can get a chance to feel special..... WELL DONE VELDPOND 1902 and thank you.
  11. I have the 1890 from this series but not this one so yes I might be interested. ___________________________________________________________ Be alert, The world needs more lerts.
  12. Now I really must get my eyes checked. Very nice coin.
  13. I have a large Chinese bank note collection that I have no interest in, I am thinking of selling it to Olmstead Currency. Anyone here have any dealings with this company, are they good, bad, indifferent, should I deal with them. I would welcome any comments, good or bad. I would prefer to sell it here but I dont think there are collectors of this material on this forum, or are there...
  14. Hi Eduardo, welcome to coinpeople.. I am assuming you call this modern art, did you do it?.
  15. Comeing thick and fast arent they, another reason why I dont collect NCLT coins..
  16. I notice that I am now eligable to change my member title , but since the changes recently I am unsure how to go about it I tried following the last post about it but got lost. :clown2:
  17. Oooops, something wrong with the link, didnt work!!!!
  18. :bgreen: I agree, they are very nice coins, I would like to know more about these too, I kind of like how the legend is simple and not too crowded.
  19. Welcome to the forum, I would say that your collection is off to a great start, If you can achieve 25 posts here I am sure you can maybe trade some Belgium coins for some US coins, I for one would be interested. Good luck, and I look forward to reading your posts, as for your english I wouls say it was pretty good. :yahoo:
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