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  1. Sorry guys, Haven't been getting any of your Pms, just logged in in passing and saw this.
  2. Cant wait, What do we have to do, and why.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whenever I feel Blue, I start breathing again.
  3. What happened to 1520, did I fall asleep again..
  4. Have to wait until 1519 for me to participate, then I drop to 1516 and after that all the way down to 1226 and 1034. Hope you guys can go that far.
  5. I have a bag full of Large canadian cents for trade. I can trade singly or in multiples. I am mainly looking for pre 1900 foreign coins. Let me know if you have any interest in these....
  6. This is a Die clash, I have seen this type of thing on dimes mostly but, this is the first time on a penny.
  7. Too old looking I think for Prince Albert, as he died at a young age. Could be a German Nobel prize winner, do you think.
  8. :banana: What a great find, I have some Canadian coins like that but I never found them in change. CONGRATS
  9. I would say VF, but if you want to send me your E mail I can send you a pick...
  10. The only South African coin I have for trade is a 1936 3 pence..
  11. Has anybody got there coin yet. Nothing here still.
  12. According to an article I have just read in CCN the US mint is pulling the plug on circulating Presidential dollars, they will only be minting collector versions starting this year.
  13. I agree with Art, any information about coins (no matter there oregin) is a bonus to us collectors, if you want to talk South African coins on this forum go ahead, if you want to find out who is interested in your coins then post a thread and see how many members respond, the idea is to get things going then see where it leads you.
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