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DE: Karlsruhe Mint is Part of the "City Birthday"


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Every two years the city of Karlsruhe (BW, DE) has its "city birthday" in June. And the Karlsruhe minting facility, one of the locations of the Baden-Württemberg state mint, is part of the party.


Friday 16 June: 11-16 h

Saturday 17 June: 11-16 h

Sunday 18 June: 11-16 h


Visitors get lots of information about the mint, about coins and counterfeits, and about the historic building (the Karlsruhe mint was built about 200 years ago). On each of the three days (11-12 h and 13.30-15.30 h only) you can strike a commemorative medal.


Seeing the coins being made is not possible on that weekend. But there is a quiz/lottery, and among the prizes there are some vouchers for a guided mint tour (which usually costs €18). The first prize, however, is a €100 World Cup gold coin. More information (in German) is here:



(information about the mint, from the City Birthday website)


(the program, from the City Birthday website)


(info and program, from the mint's website)



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Hehe, for me the Dutch mint/KNM is the closest one too - Utrecht is about 150 km from here. :ninja: Brussels is 180 km, but I have never been to the KMB. The German mints are 270-470 km away; we don't have any in "my" state or any of the neighboring states.



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