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Melbourne, FL Coin show report


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OK, I've been itchin to go and it finally came. It was nicely attended with about 20-30 dealers with 60+ tables. The buying crowd was good too, had to fight for table look early in the show.


Sadly though I was incredibly hard pressed to find anything for my type set. While there was a good variety of coins, it seemed they were either UNC and slabbed, some raw, or very low grade and/or cleaned/damaged. I noticed a few dealers were asking nonstop if anyone had anything to sell.


It seemed as if fresh material was in very short supply. In fact I couldn't find one accurately graded XF type 2 Standing Liberty Quarter. I've been looking to upgrade that, but not today.


I did manage to upgrade my 1853 Arrows & Rays Half even tho it didn't need it.

i just love this design and I'll buy a decent one every chance I get, half, quarter, dime it doesn't matter. I picked this PCGS VF 35 for $105:



On to the one big world coin dealer I scooped up a bunch of Panama & Portuguese coins for $12. I just love the Balboa design and something about a 2 1/2 cent coin I couldn't resist.



So i left with a bunch of $$$ still in my pocket, so it's off to the web sites tonite.

Not a bad show, just seemed like the good mid grade stuff wasn't there. Oh and strangely my 2 favorite dealers were also not there :ninja:

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Sounds like what I've been hearing about a lot of shows and even the biggie shows. The mid-range stuff just isn't showing up. Probably because that's what so many people collect.


Nice buys. I esp. like the half. :ninja:

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