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Malaysian banknotes


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I just uploaded a bunch of them on banknotebank and I was guessing most of them are probably printed in 1986, 1996, 1999 and 2001, but I am never too sure ever since the Bank of Malaysia requested all of the infomation related in Ron-Wise's site to be deleted :ninja:


Can someone take a look and give me the exact years when these notes were printed?


Thanks! :lol:

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okay - IF I didn't get any of the signature/printer combinations wrong, then this is what you've got according to the 9th edition:


Going from the first posted (bottom) to the last posted (top)


1R - 1986 P27A


2R - 1996-1999 P40


5R - 1999 P41


5R - 1998 P35A


10R - 1999 P42


10R - 1995 P36


10R - 1995 P38


20R - 1989 P30


50R - 1998 P43


50R - 1995 P31C


100R - 1998 P44A


100R - 1998 P32C


As the signatures are not printed in the 9th edition (ad they're mainly scribbles), perhaps someone can verify this?

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