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Goetz 50 Pfennig Pattern K-353a


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Obverse: Deutsches Reich, below oak with two acorns symbolizing the two Reichs. The 1925 Date is bisected by an oak tree.

K-353(a) 50 Pfennig Pattern, 1925, D (Munich), Struck Silver, 23.5mm, 2.5g, Schaaf 324G3, RRR, UNC.


Reverse: Germania kneeling on right knee, ¾ right, clothed in gown. She holds a sickle in her right hand and cradles a large sheath of bound wheat in her left arm. “D”mintmark in left field at 9:00 and the denomination “50 pf” in the right field. Incised “KGoeTz” under her right shin.


Goetz submitted four 50 Pfennig patterns to the Bavarian mint in 1925 with hopes that the designs would be adopted for new coins. None were accepted.



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Very nice!! Is there any information about how many of these were struck?



No records Becky... they were privately struck for their submission to the Munich mint for new coin designs. I've heard less than 20 but that can't be substantiated until I get a handle on how many are in european museums first.

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In general I am not really fond of Goetz's designs, but this one could have made a neat coin. Too bad that in many cases we do not know nowadays why a certain design was not chosen, or why another one "made it" ...



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